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Sometimes friendship is like falling in love.

You just know that there is so much fun on the horizon. It’s easy, you aren’t self-conscious, the second time you hang out there are belly laughs. It doesn’t hurt that you both love wine and have been known to divide the day into before afternoon naps (no wine) and after naps (wine).

Erin and Sydney, at our town’s annual Oktoberfest

Erin and Sydney, at our town’s annual Oktoberfest

Erin and her husband Mark bought the house two doors down from Sydney and her husband Eamonn, and daughters Kate and Jane, in suburban New Jersey in Dec. 2015. Sydney’s family had moved there from Manhattan the year before. In no time, there were summer days at the pool, long runs through beautiful New Jersey parks, playdates, movie dates, drinks and dinner out, and shared interests in books, travel, cooking, wine and parenting. (Don’t worry. You won’t get parenting advice from us. But we can correct your grammar or get your arrest record expunged!)


We also have a shared undying love for New York. Finding our way to NYC from Wyoming (Sydney) and Ohio (Erin) as young twenty-somethings, we both fell hard for our city. The time came to take the kiddos to a place with sunshine, fresh air and room to grow like weeds, but we have created four born-New Yorkers, collectively.

And we will always be Nearly New Yorkers